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January 19, 2014

Blitz, Inc. 12503 Bel-Red Rd, Ste 202, Bellevue, WA 98005 (425) 429-3156

blitz inc reviewBlitz Inc (Bellevue, WA) is classified as a business process outsourcing firm. Blitz Inc reviews national marketing campaigns of Fortune 500 companies and their effectiveness.

Blitz specializes in B2B sales and customer retention in the Bellevue/Seattle metro area.

As of right now, Blitz Inc reviews the marketing campaigns and sales efforts of the nation’s largest business products supplier.

What does the company do?

Do employees like working there?

What’s the client manager position like?

Welcome to the ultimate Blitz Inc review.

What Does Blitz Inc Do?

The question, “What does Blitz Inc do?” is a fairly common question among prospective employees. Here, an employee of Blitz Inc reviews her role in the company: “My job is actually pretty cool. I’m not stuck in a cubicle all day just hammering out spreadsheets or anything, and I definitely wouldn’t be any good at telemarketing. I get out there and meet with our client’s customers. It feels great being able to represent such a great company.”

After a thorough review of the company’s job postings on and the BBB, it appears that what the company is doing is not necessarily new, but the company is performing at a very high level. There are many marketing and sales companies out there that do sales of services and products, but this company only reviews the campaigns of Fortune 500 B2B companies.

Company Website:

The management team at the company trains all employees from the ground up. An entry level client manager starts their career in a basic B2B sales and marketing role, but then gets cross-trained in all areas of customer retention, leadership, small team management, and other various duties as assigned.

Blitz Inc salaries appear to be a little higher than average for this line of work and commissions and bonuses are paid out on a weekly basis. Here, a manager at Blitz Inc reviews the pay structure: “All of our employees work very hard. Let’s get that straight, first of all. However, there are some that go above and beyond. Those people make more money in our company. We truly believe that above average results should yield above average rewards. It’s that simple.”

Why Do Blitz Inc Employees Work There?

All of the company employees are given thorough and adequate training in all aspects of the entry level job. Not that the position is all that complicated, but it is very challenging. Therefore, the company attracts candidates who tend to have an extreme work ethic. People who work hard like to be recognized, and the management team at Blitz Inc reviews performance on a daily and weekly basis. So, this seems to be a good match for hard working individuals.

As the staff members of Blitz Inc Bellevue are rewarded monetarily, the highest performers who are consistently exceeding standards get promoted into executive management positions. When an employee gets put in a management position within the company, the sky is the limit. Although many people would not like all that responsibility, Blitz Inc employees seem to. Again, the company only employs motivated and ambitious people. So, this seems to make sense.

A Review of the Blitz Inc Client Manager Position

As a client manager, the daily responsibilities are to maintain the goodwill of both Blitz Inc and the client that they represent while increasing sales and customer retention. This is not done through telemarketing or mass media marketing channels. This is done through more ‘old-school’ methods of getting out there and meeting with customers.

A client manager’s day begins at Blitz Inc HQ. The day begins at 8:00 A.M. where they attend campaign meetings, team meetings, leadership and sales training, and get face-time with their trainees. After all meetings have concluded in the morning, a Blitz Inc client manager will go out and speak with customers face-to-face, and returns to the office at 5:00 P.M. After another couple of meetings and wrap-up sessions, the day is adjourned.

As management at Blitz Inc reviews performance of each and every employee on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, it makes it fairly easy for top performers to get noticed. This company does more than notice them. Blitz Inc Bellevue promotes the most consistent top performers into executive management spots.

A Review of Future Expansion for Blitz Inc (Bellevue, WA)

Blitz Inc Bellevue ReviewThere are open markets in a ton of different states that are ripe for the picking. These markets include, but may not be limited to: San Antonio TX, Austin TX, El Paso TX, Oakland CA, Memphis TN, Washington DC, Las Vegas NV, Oklahoma City OK, Tucson AZ, Albuquerque NM, Buffalo NY, and Tulsa OK. The company is hopeful to expand into as many different markets as possible, but it will ultimately depend on how quickly they can promote more managers from their Bellevue, WA headquarters. Every quarter, Blitz Inc reviews possible expansion opportunities. Although these markets may change, they are up-to-date, as of 01/18/2014.

The Final Blitz Inc Bellevue Review

The company doesn’t have any complaints from customers or clients. The president of the company, Tom Peck, does state that since first opening the company’s doors in 2009, they have had a couple of hiccups along the way, but nothing ‘too serious.’ He states, “At our company, we are reviewing a lot of resumes constantly. Unfortunately, this leads to a pretty brief, yet thorough interview process…at least regarding the initial meeting. After we have conducted our preliminary interview of an individual looking for one of our entry level jobs, we invite only a handful back in for a second interview. We’ve really honed in on our recruiting recently, which makes growing our company that much more fun!”

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