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November 4, 2014

zerin business consulting inc reviewsZerin Business Consulting Inc in McLean, Virginia has a lot of buzz right now so make sure to read these reviews to truly understand what this marketing firm is doing. In this review, you will discover the company’s functions, careers, and financial outlook going into the next fiscal year.

This company, like many outsourced corporations, services large national vendors on the local level. Their strategy involves dealing directly with customers on behalf of their clients. In other words, the serve as a direct go-to-market sales and marketing force for Fortune 500 corporations.

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The president of the company, Mark Hodge, comments on the company’s functions. “While it is true that the work we do here is truly effective in reaching our client’s target audience, we truly believe that we have even more to offer for our employees. At our company, we have several clients on deck waiting for us to provide services. Therefore, we need more people that can take leadership roles within the company and become managing partners.”

Management at Zerin Business Consulting Inc feels that the best way to expand their services is by filling more entry level positions and training those people to manage future campaigns. In order to expand to the level that Mr. Hodge expects, several more people will have to be hired, trained, developed, and promoted into these management partnerships.

Zerin Business Consulting Inc (McLean, VA) Review

job reviewsThe company’s expansion plans include many additional locations throughout the United States. Although the corporation mainly services the entire Washington D.C. area, these additional markets provide opportunity for many new revenue streams and advancement opportunities for key players within.

The management team at Zerin Business Consulting Inc reviews several industries in which to engage in marketing services on a consistent basis. While little is known about which markets and industries exactly, Mr. Hodge states that there is more opportunity than they have employees for at the moment. Therefore, they are currently looking for motivated and ambitious individuals to join their team.

It seems that the work environment is upbeat and a positive attitude is a requirement. The corporate culture is centered around developing an individual’s business skills that are crucial in the ever-changing industry of sales and marketing. Although the entry level position isn’t technically demanding, it is indeed challenging.

An individual must possess a superior work ethic, a great mental attitude, leadership qualities, professionalism, and an the utmost integrity.

Zerin Business Consulting Inc (McLean, Virginia) Job Review

The entry level position at Zerin Business Consulting in McLean, Virginia is focused on training and development. As an entry level employee, a person hones their communication ability and learns how to actively engage in one-on-one conversations with customers. This person learns effective negotiation techniques and methods of presentation. After the initial training process this person is promoted into a leadership role within the company.

As a leader of a team of subordinates, a person learns important management skills and coaching techniques. While management isn’t a cookie-cutter position, there are some basic systems and strategies that every great manager abides by. These are taught to a team leader in the early stages of this position at Zerin Business Consulting. According to Mr. Hodge, a person doesn’t necessarily have to be a certain type of person to be able to learn how to manage effectively. They just have to have a genuine concern for the well being of other people, a drive for increased performance, and an ability to thoroughly communicate goals and objectives.

As a person masters the aspects of coaching and management, they are progressively given more responsibilities within the company. This person learns administration, corporate finance, and large team management.

Once he or she has mastered all of the above, a managing partner is the next stop. This entire process can be accomplished within about a year’s time.

Final Review of Zerin Business Consulting Inc in McLean, VA

The financial outlook for the company appears promising. The bigger the company gets, the more management opportunities there are for the top team members within. Estimated gross earnings for the company are right at $500,000 annually. Overhead is low in this particular business model so it appears that this company will continue the trend of growth and expansion in the next fiscal year. As far as they’re concerned, the leading sales and marketing channel in the United States within the next five years will be Zerin Business Consulting Inc.


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