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December 24, 2014

Optimize Hero ReviewIn this Optimize Hero review, I’ll explain how to get a discount on Social Niche Hero and what these two pieces of software can do for your business. No matter what you are marketing, you are eventually going to have to run ads. I’ve been doing internet marketing now for a while, and I wish I would have had something like Optimize Hero way back when I started. I would have saved a lot of money and had a lot fewer headaches.

There are a ton of internet marketing gurus saying that you can have a steady flow of customers and clients by just using the power editor on Facebook and that it isn’t really all that hard. Just find a niche and market to those people. You’ll have to run your social media ad campaigns for about a week for $5 per day to really figure out if it is going to be worth your while investing more money into the campaign. This simply isn’t true. I’ve done that and failed miserably. I’m sure you can relate. Enough about me. Let’s move on to my Optimize Hero review and I’ll get into the discount in the third section below.

Optimize Hero Review

review-discount-bonusOkay, so here’s my legitimate Optimize Hero review. I told you a little bit about my success (or lack thereof) in Facebook ads above and now it’s on to the good stuff. First off, there isn’t anything else like this out there on the market right now. There are a few software platforms that help you in running ad campaigns that you should stay away from. They are very expensive and are focused more on corporate marketing campaigns. You can’t get them to do what you want in the internet marketing niche. The Optimize Hero software is specifically designed with you in mind and you can get it at a really great discount through this link. It is meant for people who are selling a product or service to consumers on Facebook.

If you haven’t really gotten into Facebook advertising yet, double-check to make sure you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years. BUT…just in case you’ve steered clear, Optimize Hero reviews the basics with you. The first section in the software is for training the newbie (you) on how to set everything up to have a successful Facebook ads campaign. It takes you step by step in setting EVERYTHING up. It’s a no-brainer solution for those who haven’t ran an ad before.

The second section in Optimize Hero splits your campaign into several mini-campaigns. This is VERY POWERFUL. The time and money I wasted not doing split-tests wasn’t a learning curve, it was just a waste. All you have to do is download your campaign that you created in Facebook. Open it in the software. Then, it does the rest for you. It segments everything out so that you can test efficiently. If you just rely on Facebook alone to optimize your ad, you’re going to be wasting money. After you have optimized your ad sets, you are on to the next step. Export those ad sets to your desktop.

From there, all you have to do is use the bulk upload in Facebook’s power editor. Run the campaign for a few days and then you’ll have some REAL DATA that you can analyze. But don’t try to look at it Facebook. There isn’t enough data there. Instead, export the data to Optimize Hero and review the results. You’ll be amazed at what you see! You can easily get rid of everything that isn’t converting and tweak a few things to get laser-targeted demographics and interests that convert.

After tweaking your ads, upload those into Facebook and you are now printing your own money at a discount.

Optimize Hero Review: Discount and Bonus

If you are one of the first 500 to purchase Optimize Hero through this review, you’ll get access to a piece of software called Social Niche Hero. This software is worth $127 alone. Here’s why. There are four tools in this software. You get a massive targeting tool that identifies the right people to sell to. You get a content tool that finds relevant and engaging content that you can build your audience with. You get a Tee-Trends tool that tells you what the top selling t-shirts at Tee Spring are. This is update three times a day! Lastly, you get a retargeting tool so that you can easily remarket your ads to anyone that clicks on them. How’s that for a bonus?! Of course buying Optimize Hero, the discount of 100% off applies to Social Niche Hero. That’s right. You get it for $0.00. It’s completely free for the first 500 people who buy Optimize Hero through the link below.

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