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May 12, 2015

So the latest craze in the internet marketing world is buying expired domains with scrapers like the “Domain Re-Animator” and this review will shed some light on the software. I’ve bought or subscribed to a few of these little gems and I’ll give you my honest opinion in the paragraphs below. If you’re like me, you probably have the ‘shiny object syndrome’ in which you think that one more tool will make things sooo much easier for you to do SEO and build your private blog network. Here’s what you have to keep in mind first of all.Domain Re-Animator Testimonial

1. No tool is going to revolutionize the way that search engine optimization is done. You know as well as I that there are several factors that rank websites in the search engines. Buying expired domains with software like the Domain Re-Animator is just a tool to help you speed up the process and possibly cut some of the costs along the way.

2. You still have to know what you are doing when you are building out a network. Learning things the hard way, like going through the auctions, using software like PR Powershot and the like will help you learn what metrics are going to work for ranking your or your clients’ sites. You’ll probably spend a bunch of money on some domains that turn out to be worthless like I have, but you’ll also end up picking out some winners. In other words, you can’t cheat experience.


That being said….

Out of all the expired domain software platforms out there that assist you in buying these babies, this one is by far, head and shoulders above the competition.

Domain Reanimator Review

I won’t go into too much detail as to the other software that I’ve subscribed to, but just know this, I cancelled them within the first month for the following reasons:


1. Limited crawl time.

2. Limited functionality.

3. Too expensive.

4. Crappy scrape results.

My Domain Re-Animator Review

First of all, check out the Re-Animator’s dashboard.

Domain Re-Animator Review

As you can see, all of the results are “filterable” by not only the raw domain’s metrics, but the www version as well. A lot of expired domains have better metrics on the www side, but most of the scraping software out there fail to list both sets of metrics.

You will also notice that you can set the Domain Authority (DA) – which is usually the same for both versions ( & – to whatever your own minimum standards are. I usually set this to a minimum of 10. I then click to sort (not shown here) by Trust Flow. This gives me a great number of domains to check out.

Some of the other features of the Domain Re-Animator that blow the competition out of the water are the spam filter, the ‘favorites’ feature, the Wayback Machine snapshots, and last but definitely not least, the Re-Animation feature.

Domain Re-Animator Brings Expired Domains Back to Life!

Once you find a domain that has the metrics you are looking for, live backlinks that haven’t been deleted, and the anchor text you are looking for, all you have to do is download the Wayback Machine’s archive files. Domain Re-Animator does all of this for you and sends you an email with a download link.

All you have to do then, is upload the whole file to the www directory in FTP once you have the site hosted.

It’s really that simple. You don’t have to create new content for these domains!

My Final Domain Re-Animator Review

While I do suggest having a subscription to majestic so you can check out the backlinks for yourself and double-check to see if a site is spammed, literally everything else is taken care of with this piece of software.

Buy Expired Domain Software Reviews

Thanks for checking out my Domain Re-Animator review and I hope you are a little bit more educated in what this expired domain scraping software does. It’s more than just another scraper. It’s the only one you’ll ever need…like…EVER.


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