Samsung SUHD TV Review

January 7, 2015

48 inch reviewThe new Samsung SUHD TV amazed the attendants of the consumer electronics show during the line’s unveiling in Las Vegas, NV recently. After the line of 4k UHD TV’s, what else could be better? Well, a lot actually. The new line of televisions has a dramatically improved display, a curved screen, and a full suite of streaming media. Samsung’s new line will come in three separate models: 8500, 9000, and 9500. Each of which have different price tags so consumers can find the best match for their needs.

So far, the news we have gathered states that the Samsung SUHD will come in a 48 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 78 inch, and an 88 inch. The high end televisions will only come in the two largest sizes, but all of the lines are indeed Smart TV’s.

The new Samsung SUHD TV provides a much sharper display and crystal clear colors. Literally, the colors are made via nanocrystals. These light up with different colors when light is shine on them, creating ‘crystal clear’ images. This television is so advanced, it can display content that hasn’t even been invented yet.

Samsung SUHD Curved TV

55 inch reviewWhile the Samsung SUHD 8500 model only comes in a flat screen, the SUHD 9000 TV is curved. This is most noticeable on the larger versions and creates a wrap-around effect similar to going to the movies. I’m not sure how big of a living room you have, but you may just want to do some remodeling just so you can get the largest SUHD television you can get. I’m going to get the SUHD 9500 when it comes out – it only comes in two sizes…huge and massive. It comes curved, but there is a button that changes it to flat! I might even get one for each of the larger rooms in my house 48 inch for the kitchen, 55 inch for the bedroom, 65 inch for the living room, 78 inch for the rec room, and the 88 inch for my man cave.

While some consumers prefer to have a flat television, Samsung’s entry level model is the perfect fit. For those who prefer something different, the Samsung SUHD is curved in the second line. For those with the need for luxury, the high end line has all of the bells and whistles you could ever want with a television.

Samsung SUHD Smart TV

65 inch reviewAll of the new Samsung SUHD Smart TV’s (8500, 9000, and 9500) are all powered by the Tizen operating system. After review, it looks similar to it’s competitor’s interface, but that is a good thing compared to what Samsung used to use in all of their smart televisions

The updated interface can be used with either a traditional remote, voice recognition, or just like some of the game consoles out there – gesture recognition.

The Samsung SUHD TV’s streaming capabilities surpass the previous 4k line with the addition of Comcast, DirecTV and M-Go. Of course there is still the capability for the staples of streaming smart televisions with Netflix, Amazon, etc.

My Final Samsung SUHD TV Review

78 inch reviewAll-in-all, this new line from Samsung looks amazing and, curved or not, all other televisions fail in comparison.

As soon as these bad boys come out, I’m scooping up the largest one, the 88 inch and probably won’t be seen in public for a couple of weeks.

The new Samsung SUHD TV will come in a 48 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 78 inch, and an 88 inch and the entry level price of the 8500 model will make it accessible to most people.

Both the Samsung SUHD 9000 and the SUHD 9500 curved TV’s will fit nicely into the homes of people who are diehard fans of technology and entertainment.




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