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Echo Business Solutions Charleston SC

March 11, 2015

There’s been quite a bit of buzz surrounding Echo Business Solutions in Charleston, SC lately, so with any luck, this review will help answer some questions regarding what the company does. In the world of outsourced marketing, a lot of the information is kept confidential, so I can’t disclose too many details without being held liable in one way or another. If you want to know more about what the company does and how it goes about doing it, then this page should suffice.

Echo Business Solutions 1064 Gardner Rd Suite 311, Charleston, SC 29407 (843) 414-7591

Echo Business Solutions

Echo Business Solutions Inc ReviewsOutsourced marketing firms like Echo Business Solutions serve the marketing and sales needs of larger corporations throughout the United States. Although the practice of outsourcing has been going on for many years, not too many people are familiar with the concept. Unless you are a business owner, then there wasn’t probably any reason to pay much attention. But know this, companies have been hiring marketing and sales firms to increase their profit margins for several decades.

The practice of hiring a BPO firm (Business Process Outsourcing) is similar to building a house. You first have to hire an architect to draw up the plans that match your vision. This person has gone through several years of schooling to be an expert in the field so that you don’t have to know all of the nitty gritty details. After that, you hire a contractor who hires several other subcontractors who are all professionals at their given trade. This is how business is done. You hire other people/companies to perform a task in which you are not an expert.

A lot of companies have their own internal marketing teams and sales forces, but they are used to doing the things that they ‘like’ doing. Most companies’ marketing plans don’t include things that are difficult or are outside of the norm of regular business.

When hiring a company like Echo Business Solutions, a corporation is able to direct their own marketing and sales forces to work hand in hand in all campaigns’ orchestration. As a result of the company’s tremendous aptitude in the sales and marketing arena, there are several additional Fortune 500 companies lined up for representation.

Echo Business Solutions Company Culture

Getting a job in the field of marketing and/or advertising is a tough feat. Most employers want you to bring several years of experience to the table. Therefore, there aren’t a whole lot of “entry level” positions in these firms. Management at Echo Business Solutions wants you to bring things that you can’t read on a resume to the table. These qualifications are what separate the doers from the dreamers. In the next paragraph, management at Echo Business Solutions reviews some of these qualifications.

“At Echo, we truly believe that anyone can become whatever they want to be. It’s a matter of choice and discipline. There are so many examples of successful people who lacked the experience, the know-how, the support, encouragement, or whatever, but they found a way to get it done. At our company, we are providing an opportunity for those type of people to get their foot in the door, learn the ropes, help our company grow, and in turn – become a managing partner in our firm.”

According to the reviews on Glassdoor, employees of Echo Business Solutions weren’t hired because of their previous experience. They were hired based on their demeanor, attitude, professionalism, integrity, and work ethic. You can read more about the qualifications for employment on the company’s website: You can also view the company’s professional Echo Business Solutions LinkedIn profile for additional insight and open positions at the company.

All of the staff shares in more than just an equal opportunity for employment. They share an intense desire to drive the company to new heights. Everyone in the company that I have met has a sort of ‘eye of the tiger’ that only experienced entrepreneurs can recognize. To some, they may just look like well-dressed young professionals. To other entrepreneurs, they look like the future of the company.

My Final Review of Echo Business Solutions (Charleston, SC)

With any luck, I’ve answered some of your questions regarding what it takes to become employed by Echo Business Solutions, but like other firms in Charleston, South Carolina, there is always the question about sustainability in the market place.

While it is true that most sales and marketing firms hire a lot of people and see a lot of turnover, it is also true that this is due to inadequacies in their hiring practices. Most of the smaller firms who are outsourced just hire anyone who will do the work. While Echo Business Solutions does look for people who are willing to learn the industry, the qualifications are strict. Job applicants must go through a three-part interview process so that both parties can get a ‘feel’ for one another. They see exactly what they are going to be doing at the entry level position and learn more about the corporate structure and upward mobility.

By having strict guidelines in their hiring processes, the company has very little turnover and is positioned to do over a million dollars in revenue in their next fiscal year. Thanks for reading my Echo Business Solutions review and I hope it sheds some light on the company’s functions.

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