Educational Computer Systems Inc Check Cashing SCAM

December 31, 2014

Educational Computer Systems Inc might be or might have been a real company and I’m sure they did or do great work. However, some people have stolen their checks and are scamming people out of thousands of dollars. The email addresses phone number they used to contact us are 407-655-0855,,, and

I’m not publishing this to gripe, but just to warn anyone in a similar situation. Iv’e seen a bunch of these types of scams on TV, but never expected it to happen to ME.

Educational Computer Systems Inc Check Cashing Scam

educational computer systems inc pa1: You list something on Craigslist for sale or rent.

2: Someone emails or texts you about it and asks some qualifying questions about the item you are selling or renting, but they are from out of state. They may or may not communicate in broken English.

3: They say that a relative or friend is going to send you a certified check.

4: You get the check and it is more than the amount agreed on, with a note and email address saying to email them (the relative or friend) once you have received the funds. In my case it was

educational computer systems inc coraopolis pa check scam5: You email them and they tell you to deduct the agreed upon price, but to send the rest of the money to the person you originally had contact with so that they can ….blah blah blah. In my case it was so that could move her car out here.

6: You do as they say, the bank doesn’t verify the check for fraud, and you send them the remainder of the funds.

7: The bank then comes back to say that the funds were fraudulent and you are now liable for the full amount.

Educational Computer Systems Inc Check Cashing Scam

Like I said before, I’m sure Educational Computer Systems Inc at 181 Montour Run Road, Coraoplis, PA 15108 did or does a great job, but cashing checks from an unauthorized signer is an old scam apparently.

My B.S. meter was on yellow during the initial communication with, but when the check got here and emailed saying what to do with the funds, all of those scam and greed shows popped into my head and the B.S. meter maxed out.

So, I called the bank where the account was, PNC Bank, to see what was up, and they verified that it is in fact a scam.

I didn’t cash the check obviously, but the bank teller Anita said that I wouldn’t believe how many people fall for it. So, hopefully this post helps when people are searching for Educational Computer Systems Inc in PA or when people search for,, or All of these are free email accounts of course and they are just churn and burn, but maybe this post will help someone searching for Educational Computer Systems Inc at least. PLEASE SHARE THIS!

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