Milestone Consulting Tulsa OK Review

November 12, 2014

Milestone Consulting (Tulsa, Oklahoma) is quickly becoming an established name in the world of outsourcing and these reviews will help you understand the nature of their business.

As more and more marketing companies are entering the arena of outsourced sales and marketing, the bar is continuously being set higher and higher. Which of these companies will come out on top? This company is a safe bet.

Milestone Consulting (Tulsa, Oklahoma) Review

job reviewsMilestone Consulting Inc specializes in sales and marketing solutions for top Fortune 100 and 500 brands. The corporation services companies in the industries of energy and telecommunications.

The management team at Milestone Consulting Tulsa reviews several new and innovative methods for acquiring new customers for these companies on a continual basis. While the company’s career advancement has a lot to offer to employees, the quality of services is what separates this company from the rest.

Taking a simple approach to acquiring customers is the main strategy of this company. While many marketing and advertising firms focus on digital media, social media, and online content creation, Milestone Consulting Tulsa focuses on meeting directly with customers in a face-to-face manner.

This not only provides a better customer experience, but also enhances loyalty and long-term customer retention. Further research shows that as more and more digital media channels are pursued by big advertising firms, methods like this are going to become increasingly effective.

Milestone Consulting 3015 E Skelly Dr, Tulsa, OK 74105 (918) 551-6136


Review of Milestone Consulting Tulsa Career Opportunities

milestone-consulting-tulsaAs stated above, the career advancement opportunities at Milestone Consulting in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers a lot to employees. The company’s president, Brian Bangor, believes that the only way to truly give back to the staff for performing at such high levels is to give them ownership in the company. This not only gives staff members a sense of pride in their work, but an excellent opportunity for advancement.

Brian Bangor of Milestone Consulting Tulsa reviews the effects of the corporate ownership benefits: “At our company, we give something a little bit different in return for a job well done. We give the person ownership in the company.

As soon as a person has demonstrated competency and developed credibility in the company, we promote them into a managing partner position where they take on the next client’s marketing campaign.

We only hire managers from within and we find that this drives our team to even higher standards and superior results.”

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Milestone Consulting (Tulsa, Oklahoma) Work Environment

The work environment at Milestone Consulting Tulsa is anything but ordinary. Since the corporation hires everyone to start as an ‘entry level’ account manager, everyone in management knows the ins and outs of every position. This provides a unique work environment in which employees get continual coaching and development from their manager.

Along with coaching, the team environment at the company provides an atmosphere in which individuals feel part of a team working towards a bigger goal. Just like in sports, individual contributions make or break the team. At Milestone Consulting Tulsa, the power of everyone working together shines through in their results.

Milestone Consulting Tulsa Review: Summary

Working at a company such as this can prove to be very challenging for individuals not quite ready to enter the workforce or who are transitioning from a career with a lot of down time. For those ready to jump right in and get started in advancing their careers, this might be a pretty good fit. Numerous companies are awaiting representation from the company and many management positions are needed to be filled immediately as a result. One thing is for sure, in the outsourced sales and marketing arena, a company that is rising above the rest is Milestone Consulting Tulsa.



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