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November 7, 2014

Elle Communications Inc in Oklahoma City, OK has expanded by 400% since its inception in 2010. This particular page will review the company’s functions, open positions & salaries, and the work environment that has led to that immense growth.

The company functions as a catalyst for national marketing campaigns in the local metropolitan area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As an outsourced sales and marketing force, the company helps to increase quality of sales, speed-to-market, and customer retention.

job reviewsThe team of marketers at Elle Communications OKC are highly trained in all aspects of marketing and customer acquisition including, but not limited to, relationship building, market research, presentations, communication, contract negotiations,  product advisement, proposals and bids, supply chain management, order processing, and customer retention.

Large nationwide corporations hire this marketing firm to not only accelerate customer acquisition, but also to increase long term customer satisfaction. Research shows that the methods that Elle Communications OKC specializes in are the most effective in maintaining customer satisfaction and decreasing client attrition.

Since these methods are so effective, not only in the local market of Oklahoma City, OK, but also on a national scale, the company’s services are in high demand. As this demand increases every year, the company must continue to expand and strengthen its staff and resources.

Michelle Banfield, the president of Elle Communications OKC. reviews this process in great detail… “At our company, we really take pride in the fact that so many corporations want our services. This presents a unique challenge. We simply cannot grow as quickly as the demand calls for. In order to fill the serious vacuum in the industry, we have to research resumes and applications very aggressively. We know the type of person we are looking for and will not compromise on our qualifications for the position. As we continue to expand our staff, our key players always reveal themselves through work ethic and performance. These will be the future leaders of our organization. We promote these people into managing partnership positions and hand them the keys to our next client’s marketing campaign.”

Elle Communications OKC Review: Job Training

Elle Communications Oklahoma City OKWhen someone begins their career at Elle Communications OKC, their main ‘job’ is to learn everything there is to know about the company’s structure, systems, policies, best practices, and marketing approach. These Account Managers are responsible for acquiring new prospects and visiting existing customers to increase retention. According to the job boards, no experience is necessary, but the ability to grasp new concepts in a dynamic and challenging environment is definitely required.

After the person completes the entry level training, they are then promoted to a Team Lead in which they oversee a group of staff and assist them in their daily activities. During this period, they organize and manage performance and goals required to hit the client’s targets. Team Leads are trained in areas of coaching, mentoring, leadership, running workshops, and support. It is the goal of the Team Lead to learn how to drive performance while helping others move their career forward.

When the person has completed the training, he or she is then promoted into an Assistant Management position. This position trains the individual in all aspects of client relations, administration, campaign management, financial practices, system development, and public relations. After this person has demonstrated superior competency in all above areas, he or she is promoted into a Managing Partner at Elle Communications OKC.

Elle Communications Oklahoma City Review: Work Environment

Elle Communications OKCSince the daily requirements are to meet with customers in a one on one atmosphere, the job requirements are obviously closely related. In order to be a prime candidate to work at Elle Communications OKC, a person has to have a great work ethic, a positive attitude, integrity, professionalism, and very strong communication skills. That being said, the company employees tend to work very cohesively.

When you get a group of individuals together that share the aforementioned traits and qualities, it creates a positive and supportive work environment. The culture that is developed within the company allows for individual growth through personal and professional development. As others finish their tasks ahead of schedule, they always lend a hand to those with full workloads.

Furthermore, the company is frequently engaging in team buiilding activities and weekend get-togethers. Many employees take pride in the fact that they “actually like the people they work with,” according to some of the company’s Team Leads.

For more information on the company culture at Elle Communications OKC, visit the Elle Communications OKC FaceBook page or read some reviews about Elle Communications OKC on BBB.org. The company has never had a complaint filed and currently has a rating of an A-. The (-) is due to the short amount of time that they have been in business.

Elle Communications Inc 2525 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 840-3553

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