Raseri Inc Toledo/Perrysburg OH Review

December 13, 2014
in Ohio

Raseri Inc (Toledo, OH) is an outsourced sales and marketing firm headquartered in Perrysburg, Ohio and the following reviews will explain what the company does and it’s outlook in the upcoming year. As with many forms of outsourcing, there are several advantages of contracting a company like this one. Cost efficiency, a strong local presence, and a track record of success are among these advantages.

Raseri Inc ReviewsRick Knutsen, the president of Raseri Inc reviews the importance of a company like theirs to their clients, “As traditional forms of marketing are becoming less effective – for many reasons – outsourcing sales and marketing is becoming more powerful than ever. If you sit on the board of a large corporation, your focus is on the bottom line and you want a sure thing. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many ways of delivering a ‘sure thing’ in the marketing world. That’s one of the reasons that these companies outsource to marketing firms like ours. We are a sure thing and we bring valuable customers to our clients. They get a healthier bottom line and have even gone so far as to hire many more people to service the customers that we bring them. Of course they pay us quite a bit of money to do this for them, but there is something else that really drives us to bring superior results to our clients. As we continue to do a great job, the need for our services actually increases in other markets. They want us to replicate what we are doing here in Toledo in other major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. This is obviously a great motivating factor for us and our employees.”

Raseri Inc Toledo/Perrysburg Review

job reviewsRaseri Inc 7796 Ponderosa Road, Suite A, Perrysburg, OH 43551 419-708-0198 http://www.raseri.biz/

As there are many outsourcing companies to choose from, what makes Raseri Inc in Toledo one of the most coveted firms in the Midwest? Is it their leadership? Is it their opportunity for advancement? While those contribute, it turns out that it is something completely different. The thing that really drives employees and management to drive results is the opportunity to expand into additional markets and pass on the opportunity to their top performing employees. For more information on Raseri Inc, be sure to check out their blog. The Raseri Inc Toledo blog keeps readers informed on the daily activities of the employees and all of the upcoming events. There are quite a few employee spotlights as well, so check it out.

Management at Raseri Inc reviews a person’s candidacy for promotion into a managing partnership position based on that person’s performance and competency. Employees gain experience and competency in all aspects of sales, marketing, account management, and customer experience by starting their career path at the entry level position. As they become proficient in the basic aspects of the company, they are handed more responsibility to grow into. In other words, they are put in charge of training and development of less-seasoned staff members. This makes total sense as you wouldn’t want someone training your newbies if they aren’t experts at their job.

As an employee of Raseri Inc in Toledo/Perrysburg, OH becomes experienced in leadership and small team management, their responsibilities grow into more of an administrative and operational position. They spend time learning the ins-and-outs of campaign management and facilitate the operations of the entire office. This is no small feat. It takes time, effort, and perseverance to get to a management position in the company. Therefore, they only hire the best of the best.

Raseri Inc Toledo/Perrysburg Job Qualifications

To be considered for employment at Raseri Inc, a person has to be a resident of the Toledo, Ohio area and be able to commute to the Perrysburg location on a daily basis. They have to have a great work ethic and an even better attitude. Communication skills are an advantage over other job applicants as these people meet one-on-one with customers on a daily basis. Even more than that, a person has to have an internal drive and a high level of ambition.

As a bi-product of these qualifications for entry, there is a great team environment at Raseri Inc. This further adds to the overall effectiveness of their operations.

Raseri Inc Toledo Perrysburg

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