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January 16, 2014

Uptown Consulting, Inc. 201 West Morehead Street #200 Charlotte, NC 28202 (980) 833-1830

Uptown Consulting reviews marketing and sales data of various Fortune 500 companies and their effectiveness in the local market. Management at Uptown Consulting Charlotte NC reviews the company functions: “At our company, we target customers that our clients can’t. That makes us extremely valuable…and irreplaceable.”

While not much is known regarding the origins of the company name, “Uptown Consulting,” this page will tell you precisely what the company does, how they do it, and the return on investment in your marketing goals.

Uptown Consulting Charlotte has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and at this time, there are no formal or informal client complaints or comments available.
Company Website: http://www.uptownconsulting.net/

Uptown Consulting Review from BBB.

Uptown Consulting Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UptownConsulting

Review of Uptown Consulting (Charlotte, NC) Culture

uptown consulting reviewsAccording to management, there are several reasons employees work at the local Charlotte-based marketing firm. The two major points that stand out are the company’s willingness to train each individual within the company on a one-on-one basis and the ability for employees to rise through the ranks, so to speak, and become one of the firm’s managing partners.

Although this company focuses on the bottom line of their clients, they enjoy weekly activities as a team. Through various team building activities, the employees feel that a stronger bond is built and the company continues to flourish. Here, an Uptown Consulting employee reviews what its like working at the company:

“The things I really enjoy about working here? Well, for one we’ve got a great leadership team. Every morning they are talking about future goals and expectations and how they expect me to be a part of it all. I really like that. The second thing I like the most is the team unity. It’s sort of like having a second family!”  –  Emily S.

It appears that employees who are self-motivated and have a generally optimistic attitude have the opportunity to advance based on merit and performance. While this sort of advancement goes against the traditional attitude of union workers and corporate America, it has afforded this company tremendous growth.



Uptown Consulting Review: Return on Investment

When researching marketing and sales companies to outsource some of your heavy lifting, its extremely important to take into consideration the return on investment. With Uptown Consulting, the investment is zero. Therefore, there is only an upside…with one minor subtlety. When outsourcing any of your representation to any company, you will always have the risk of misrepresentation (mis-repping). While hiring an individual as a contract worker might seem like a great idea, you run a higher risk because you will not have control of the quality of work being done on a daily basis. When hiring a company who hires employees, you gain much more control over the daily tasks.

So, contracting your Charlotte, NC sales and marketing through Uptown Consulting seems like a no-brainer. I believe that you can even call them to set up a no-hassle appointment to discuss terms and services offered. The administration team at Uptown Consulting reviews new clients on a case-by-case basis.

Uptown Consulting Review: Summary

Outsourcing your marketing to another can be risky. If you understand the risks involved, and know how to manage them, you will minimize the possible obstacles with outsourcing. However, if you partner with a company blindly, who knows what you will get.

Uptown Consulting reviews strategies of many different Fortune 500 companies…and they have for years. As always, if you still have questions after reading this review, you should contact the company directly. Their phone number is listed at the top of this review and they like getting feedback and questions.

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