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January 16, 2014

Strategic Campaigns, Inc. 511 Delaware St #100, Kansas City, MO 64105 (816) 912-2893

Strategic Campaigns Inc is a sales and marketing firm based in Kansas City, MO. They represent Fortune 100 and 500 clients all over the United States.

Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews their clients existing customer base and implements direct sales and marketing techniques to help them increase market share.

Since incorporating in 2009 in Kansas City, Strategic Campaigns has prided themselves on professionalism and integrity and has been able to expand into 11 offices nationwide.

Strategic Campaigns Inc Review (Kansas City, MO)

strategic campaigns inc reviewsStrategic Campaigns traditional style of sales and marketing allows them to put get in front of as many businesses and business owners as possible. This is a technique that large corporations love since one of their biggest obstacles is maintaining “personal” contact with their customers. All Strategic Campaigns employees start out at the entry level.

The main website of Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews the company philosophy: “Sales is the basis of all business. In order to truly understand business you have to develop a deep understanding of sales.” By training their people in face to face, direct sales and marketing they are prepared to become major players in today’s competitive business environment. 100% of their managing partners began at the entry level in sales and marketing, positioning them to understand and empathize with the day to day challenges of their associates and developing them to be effective managers.

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A quick look at the Facebook page of Strategic Campaigns Kansas City shows these people engaged in a number of activities ranging from charity events and group training events to team building exercises.

Review of Strategic Campaigns Inc (Kansas City, MO) Culture

Strategic Campaigns, Inc. employees are a diverse bunch. Though the majority of their employees are college educated, it is not necessarily required for the entry level position. The staff is made up of highly ambitious, professional, and talented people that pride themselves on integrity. It appears that they are a “work hard, play hard” bunch.

According to other Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews, the company is very dedicated to the development of their people. There is even a management training program in place that has a heavy emphasis on merit as opposed to seniority. This is evident by the fact that 100% of the management team went through the program.

The overall review of Strategic Campaigns would suggest that this company has tremendous upside. Starting with the level of clientele that entrusts them to represent their brand properly to their rate of expansion. The employees at Strategic Campaigns appear to be a happy, professional, fun loving bunch of achievers.

Strategic Campaigns Inc Review: Summary

While there are quite a few sales and marketing companies in the Kansas City, Missouri area, Strategic Campaigns Inc appears to be doing an excellent job for both their clients and employees. They have expanded into over 11 markets throughout the United States with plans to expand even more. Not a lot of companies can say that.

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