M Marketing Gaithersburg/Baltimore Review

October 19, 2014

I’ve seen a lot of interest in M Marketing in Gaithersburg/Baltimore recently, so I hope this review sheds some light on some of the questions surrounding the company. Finding quality reviews like this is often a problem due to the highly confidential nature of the industry. There are several legal ramifications for disclosing too much information with corporations like this, so I’ll do my best to not only enlighten you about the most common practices of this company, but also inform you of the outlook of the company in the next coming year.

M Marketing Inc Review

M Marketing Inc TestimonialsThis marketing firm, like many other outsourced agencies, provides a specific service for larger corporations that are better suited for a localized presence. This practice has been in use for a long time and is still only considered in its infancy. The outsourcing of direct sales and marketing is expected to increase tenfold in the next ten years.

Just like you would hire a landscaping company to do all of the heavy lifting and carry out the work you want done in your yard, the same goes for corporations and their marketing efforts. Large corporations have blueprint for targeting certain demographics of their potential customers and hire companies like this one to carry out their plans…or rather…heavy lifting.

Of course, these corporations COULD in fact hire their own marketing force to get in front of their potential customers, train that sales and marketing force along with managers, but it is quite a substantial overhead that not a lot of companies can afford.

By hiring a company like this one, these larger corporations know that they are investing in a “sure thing.” While that kind of guarantee usually doesn’t exist in such a dynamic industry, M Marketing Inc has proven their capabilities over and over again. These larger corporations are desperately awaiting representation due to this excellent track record.

M Marketing Inc: Review of Company Culture

Working at the marketing firm offers a lot of benefits to those wanting to change directions in their careers, or for those just getting started in a professional industry. Management at M Marketing reviews why they feel the company is so great in the following paragraph.

“At our company, we promise that we will never promote someone else into a management position before you just because they have been here longer. Its really a true equal opportunity venture here. Once someone hits the qualifications for a promotion, we promote them. Its that simple. We don’t put it up for a vote and it doesn’t matter who the person knows within the company. We promote based on merit and that’s what makes our company so great. Besides that, our work environment is pretty fun as well.”

Along with an equal opportunity for advancement, the staff shares similar interests and values as well. Since the management team is looking for a great “fit” from the beginning stages of the hiring process throughout an individual’s probationary period, the team meshes extremely well.

Employees of the company commonly get together after work and on the weekends to engage in team building exercises and extracurricular activities. These usually range from playing video games, driving bumper cars, or playing dodge-ball on trampolines as shown in their promo video.

While this company knows how to get the job done when the pressure is high, they also know how to enjoy each others’ company which improves the working relationships as well.

My Final Review of  M Marketing in Gaithersburg/Baltimore

While there are some questions regarding the work environment, which hopefully I’ve answered in the preceding paragraphs, there are also questions regarding the long term sustainability of this type of service in a market like the Baltimore/D.C. area.

Where most outsourced companies go wrong is with their hiring. It turns out that their internal processes and best practices are usually fine, but they cut corners when it comes to getting the right people in the door. Every company has “bad hires,” but there are some companies out there that will hire anybody. This is not a good sign when determining long term sustainable profits.

This marketing firm is different. Their qualifications for hire may be based on soft skills, but they are never compromised. This is one of the many things that this particular marketing firm is doing very well with. Thanks for reading my M Marketing Inc review and I hope it sheds some light on the company’s functions.

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