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October 19, 2014

Denali Executives Inc in Indianapolis, Indiana specializes in localized sales and marketing campaigns for national Fortune 500 companies. There are a few questions surrounding the company’s functions and career advancement opportunities, in which I hope this review will help answer.

job reviewsThe privately owned marketing firm, ran by Glenn Cunningham and Josh Phillips came from humble beginnings a few years ago with just a handful of staff members. Since that time, the company has expanded their workforce and is now able to handle more clients’ marketing and sales campaigns.

Unfortunately for the majority of the job-seekers out there, spots in the company are only given to individuals with the best work ethic and attitude in the area. This means that they don’t even consider applications from people who have apparently “job hopped” from one position to another or individuals who are pessimistic in nature. Although a healthy dose of realism is always welcome, the work environment at the company is the number one priority.

The management team at Denali Executives reviews a person’s eligibility for promotion based on a consistent attitude, results, and value added to the team environment. These things alone don’t dictate the overall promotion structure, but they play a hefty role.

Denali Executives Inc 1099 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46204 (317) 822-5950

For more information on the company, visit the Denali Executives Corp Website or read more Denali Executives Inc reviews on LinkedIn.

Denali Executives Inc Review (Indianapolis, IN)

Denali Executives Inc reviewsThe company functions as a local presence to large company’s brands, services, and products. When large corporations look for alternatives to the traditional mass media channels of marketing and advertising, they often find companies like this one to represent them to local prospects and current customers.

This practice allows these large corporations to continue to focus on their core competencies while the outsourced marketing company can focus on theirs. It is a lot more cost effective to outsource this sort of representation rather than hire a sales and marketing force from scratch. A lot of these large corporations deal with big accounts in small numbers. They have account managers that handle multi-million dollar clients. This is not the role of the outsourced marketing firm. Their role is to speak with a large quantity of small businesses and local consumers while still focusing on quality of sale and customer experience. In other words, the large corporate entities handle the big clients while the outsourced firms handle the local – smaller – clientele.

This strategy has been proven to increase business in a short time frame and measurable results can be sustained for many years.

Review of Denali Executives Inc (Indianapolis, IN) Company Culture

The management team of Denali Executives Inc reviews their vision for the future of the company: “At our firm, we truly believe that a manager must know all of the ins and outs of the daily operations of administration, payroll, company financials, and so on, but we also believe that they have to know how to manage the people they work with. We put more stock into developing our people from within than any other company in the area and it works really really well. By training our managers from the ground up, we can honestly say that we will never have a manager ask something of someone that they aren’t willing to do themselves. By only utilizing an internal promotion structure like this, it builds a ton of credibility to our newly promoted managers, not only in our employees’ eyes, but also in the eyes our clients.”

This company does things a little bit differently than most companies. In other major corporations, many employees feel like they are just a number, or rather, a cog in the wheel. At Denali Executives, individuals feel not only a sense of pride in the work that they do, but also a belonging to a larger overall goal. They are part of the company’s vision and each one of the staff members gets treated as such.

Denali Executives Inc Review: Summary

Working at this marketing firm may be challenging and demanding, but for ambitious and self-motivated individuals, it seems to be a great fit. With a merit-based advancement structure, the top performers are promoted into management positions extremely quickly and are handed the keys to running a major corporations local sales and marketing campaign. For more information on job opportunities within the company, visit the company’s main website through the attached link above. In Indianapolis, IN, there aren’t very many Denali Executives Inc reviews out there so I hope this one answered your questions.


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