Blue Inc Schaumburg IL (Chicago) Review

September 28, 2014

Blue Inc (Schaumburg, IL) is a privately owned sales and marketing company servicing the greater metropolitan area of Chicago and these are their reviews. The team assesses the needs of Fortune 500 companies’ marketing departments and develops catered sales and marketing campaigns that fit those needs.

blue inc schaumburg reviewsAs the needs of more outsourced sales and marketing increases, the demand for managers increases as well. The company boasts an advancement structure in which top performers get promoted into a senior management role in eight to fourteen months from their start date.

Blue Inc Review (Schaumburg, IL – Chicago, IL)

As many forms of marketing and communication are getting bogged down with more and more companies attempting to reach a target audience, this company is doing things a little bit differently. In order to get better results than competitors, you have to think a little outside the box.

Blue Inc employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of sales, marketing, and customer retention, but specialize in one specific form of communication. They go out and meet customers face-to-face.

How many times do you wish that you could see what the telemarketer at the other end of the phone was doing when they were talking to you? Maybe you wondered what they looked like. This has been found to be true when dealing with anyone that isn’t meeting with you in person. We imagine what the person looks like and what they are doing. Why? Our psychology is made up that way. We need to identify with someone who we are going to be purchasing something from. Blue Inc Schaumburg has this problem solved.

job reviewsWhile some people think that going out and talking to your customers is a thing of the past and the new way of communication is digital, you can think again. Studies show that 90% of all online shoppers would prefer to deal with someone face-to-face, but the convenience of online shopping is what lures them in. The staff of Blue Inc have this problem solved as well. How much more convenient can you get than a service provider speaking to you in your place of business?

For more information about the company’s functions, visit the company website at or read about Blue Inc Schaumburg on their company Facebook timeline.

Review of Blue Inc (Schaumburg, IL) Culture

Working at any marketing and sales company will prove to have its own challenges. However, at Blue Inc, the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

The company only hires individuals that have a great attitude, great work ethic, and supurb communication skills. Not only does this make training these individuals to speak with customers easier, it makes for a fun work environment as well.

If you were to speak with some of the staff members, you would find out that the office culture is one of the biggest perks of working at the Chicago-based corporation. There are many team building activities planned throughout the month and frequently members of staff get together after work to talk shop at one of the local happy hour establishments in Schaumburg.

Blue Inc Schaumburg Review: Summary

If you aren’t the sort of go-getter and people-person that you’d like to be, this company can help you unlock your true potential. If you aren’t the sort of person who WANTS to be that type of person, the corporation might not be the best fit for your needs. Blue Inc reviews candidacy based on work ethic and attitude. Therefore, not everyone is a great fit.

Blue, Inc. 1101 Perimeter Dr #440, Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847) 397-9312

All-in-all, I hope that these of Blue Inc Schaumburg reviews (Chicago, IL) have done some good and they help you make an informed decision.


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