Veritas Inc Atlanta GA Review

June 16, 2014

There are some questions regarding Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia so I decided to put together a few reviews on the company. This particular review will be different than every one else who thinks that their opinion is the right one. You will find very little of my thoughts and mainly just facts.

job reviewsThis particular company is a sales and marketing firm based in Atlanta, GA. The corporation started with humble beginnings in Colorado a few years ago and is responsible for around seventy-five markets throughout the United States.

Veritas Inc reviews several resumes on a continual basis to aid in their national expansion initiatives. The management team hopes to be in over one hundred markets in the next year.

Furthermore, the marketing firm has recently relocated to a much bigger location than their previous Buckhead address, but their contact information remains the same.

Veritas Inc (Atlanta, GA) Review

According to their website, salaries begin as any entry level position would. An employee starts their career with humble beginnings. Most entry level work in any company is neither desirable nor exciting. However, at Veritas Inc Atlanta, employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of psychology of consumer behavior, customer service and retention, and sales quality control.

Later in this post, an employee at Veritas Inc reviews what the promotion structure within the company is like, but if you don’t feel like reading all of the way through it, you should know that the company’s growth is based on the growth of the individuals within the company. According to the company’s reviews on Glassdoor, in order for the company to prosper, the employees have to prosper as well.

Visit the company’s main website at or their  CareerBuilder profile HERE

Veritas Inc Review: Atlanta, GA Job Outlook

veritas inc reviewsJobs at this company require an intense work ethic, a strong internal locus of control and accountability, professionalism, optimism, and integrity. This company believes that great people have great values and exude those values in much of what they do. Careers at Veritas Inc in Atlanta all begin in the entry level position, but they all have upward mobility. From administration to operations, this corporation cross trains all employees in all different departments.

Long-term careers at this company involve regional management, consulting, public speaking, and national sales campaign management. As this corporation continues to evolve, further positions in upper management will be needed. As of right now, there are over one hundred open positions.

One of the most appealing things about Veritas Inc is the management training program. According to employees, the job outlook is good due to the rising costs of alternative marketing channels. Acquiring new customer is not a cheap process. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to target consumers through more ‘traditional’ methods. Therefore, the company’s services are increasing in demand.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Employee Reviews

Here in Atlanta, we have several highly capable staff members who can be groomed to run our next campaigns.

While we do have opportunities for every single one of our employees, each must be able to demonstrate competency in a number of areas to be considered for these management spots. In other words, our management spots go to our top performers.

– Trish Griggs, Operations

Employees at the give all good reviews on all of the job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and so on. However, what you must be aware of is that you have to be self-motivated and driven to succeed in this corporation. Individual accountability and team support has been a winning strategy for Veritas Inc Atlanta and throughout their many locations in America.

For more information on Veritas Inc Atlanta, visit Veritas Inc Facebook.

Veritas Inc 1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW #20, Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 355-3486

My Final Veritas Inc Atlanta Review

It looks as though this company is thriving and people who work hard tend to do well in a fast paced and dynamic industry such as marketing and sales. As the economy recovers, the company’s outlook only will look better than it currently is. More and more companies are looking to outsource their sales and marketing efforts every day. Hopefully these Veritas Inc reviews have helped you find out a little bit more about this company in Atlanta, Georgia.

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