Horizon Innovations Jacksonville FL Review

January 1, 2015

There’s been quite a bit of buzz recently surrounding Horizon Innovations in Jacksonville, FL and this review will go over some of the important topics about the company. Locating reviews that actually inform the reader about EXACTLY what the corporation does will be difficult due to the nondisclosure agreement set by the company’s client, employees/former employees, and management team. Submitting a review might end up in a law suit. Luckily for you, I know where the boundaries are. I’ll do my best to educate you on the most important information and what the company might expect in the upcoming fiscal year.

Horizon Innovations Jacksonville FLHorizon Innovations 9250 Baymeadows Road #430, Jacksonville, FL 32256 904-423-1257

Horizon Innovations Inc Review

job reviewsThis advertising and marketing company provides corporations with a national customer base, a way to acquire customers on a more direct and local level. Outsourcing specific functions of advertising and marketing has been a well-established process and has also been proven to provide a higher return on investment (ROI).

These larger corporations outsource their marketing for a variety of reasons, but I’m sure that you can guess a couple of them. The top two reasons are specialization and cost efficiency. While the companies that contract Horizon Innovations have the big picture in mind, they let the local marketing firm do what they do best and handle the details on the local level.

A lot of these corporations do, in fact, hire their own marketing and sales teams to get in front of their potential customers, but that’s where the benefit of expertise comes in. Many trained sales professionals are stuck in old ways of thinking and haven’t yet adapted to the changing economic climate.

When outsourcing certain sectors of a marketing campaign, it’s important to note that these larger corporations aren’t just going to give anyone a shot. They are only going to hire companies that have a great track record for getting results. Wouldn’t you do the same? Horizon Innovations has hit the ground running since their inception just a few short years ago and has quickly become one of the most coveted sales and marketing outsourcing companies in the Jacksonville area.

Horizon Innovations Review of Company Culture

Horizon Innovations ReviewsBeing employed at a smaller firm like this has quite a few benefits. Nora, a manager at Horizon Innovations reviews some of those benefits with us: “Our employees get personal attention and coaching so that they not only know how to do their jobs, but they also learn how to do their supervisor’s job. By cross-training our employees in every department, we can really see who steps up to the plate, hits their goals, and becomes our next campaign manager. It’s truly an equal opportunity for everyone in our company.”

Getting a hold of employee reviews of Horizon Innovations Inc isn’t too terribly difficult. You can locate a couple on Glassdoor and their website has a few testimonials as well. More than that, I highly suggest you check out what some of their employees are talking about on the social media channels. Go check out Horizon Innovations on Twitter and see what I mean. They’ve got some pretty cool pics on there as well.

As the management reviewed with us a couple of paragraphs back, there is an equal opportunity for advancement in this company. In other words, the management team plays no favorites when it comes to career advancement. Their promotion structure is based on competency and merit alone.

Besides that, these guys and girls apparently have a lot of fun doing their job. As you can see in the video on this review, there are frequent team building events and after work get-togethers. Working together as a closely knit team is one of the secrets of success for Horizon Innovations.

My Final Review of Horizon Innovations (Jacksonville, FL)

So what does the company’s future look like in the next year? To put it simply, this company is doing some really big things and they are opening up new locations left and right. With their internal advancement structure in place, they are able to identify key personnel and give them the resources and training to run their next marketing campaign. This company doesn’t only look to expand in Jacksonville by adding new clients to their roster, they are expanding throughout the United States.

One of the reasons that the company is able to grow so quickly is in their hiring process. Some marketing and sales companies hire anyone that is willing to work hard. While there is some validity to that qualification, there are many more attributes that this company looks for. In order to be employed by this marketing firm, a person has to have a great work ethic, a positive attitude, great communication skills, and a desire to learn. Previous experience isn’t necessary as the company’s training regimen is extremely thorough. Overall, the future looks bright. Thanks for reading my Horizon Innovations review and hopefully it’s given you a pretty decent insight to this Jacksonville company.

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