BlackBerry Classic Review & Specs

December 19, 2014

The new Blackberry Classic has been announced and this review will give you all of what we know so far about this reinvigorated QWERTY phone. The brand has been primarily popular among business professionals for a while now, but the last few cellphones that they have come out with have just been trumped. Read below for my full Blackberry Classic review, release date, and specs.

Blackberry Classic Review

blackberry-classic-reviewFor many years, Blackberry has been a popular brand among business professionals for several reasons. While a lot of us use our phones for just messaging each other while we aren’t truly busy, business professionals are constantly on the go and need increased accuracy when sending messages and emails. If you’re wondering where to buy the Blackberry Classic unlocked…scroll down and you’ll see the price point and a link to get your hands on it.

The newly announced Blackberry Classic will come with a QWERTY keypad for increased accuracy in sending emails and messages and increased speed of typing. Furthermore, the company has also announced a new line of apps to make the user’s life a little more efficient.

This is great news for the brand’s customers. They finally get to revert back to the original model of actually typing out messages with this new Blackberry Classic instead of mis-typing something and having to start over….

Don’t act like that isn’t you.

Blackberry Classic Review & Release Date

While only a couple of carriers will provide service for the Blackberry Classic, the reviews from the launch event state that AT&T and Verizon will begin providing their services for this new well-priced phone early 2015.

where-to-buy-blackberry-classic-unlockedHere, Blackberry reviews its new Classic model: “no-nonsense smartphone built to meet the needs of productive people who appreciate the speed and accuracy that can be found with a physical QWERTY keyboard.” Pretty simple marketing right? Keeping it simple works best with us business owners and cell phones aren’t any different. Speaking of keeping it simple, if you want to know where to buy the BlackBerry Classic unlocked and you missed the first hint, scroll down.

While Blackberry and the classic QWERTY keypad feature are constantly competing for market-share and the price of the new model is extremely competitive, there are still a lot of loyal Apple fans out there. I don’t think that the Blackberry Classic, in my opinion, will ever beat the iPhone, but they can sure give them a run for their money. The company isn’t really trying to compete with brands like this though, they are simply revitalizing their current customer base with a new great product and an even better price point. It’s available for only $449.

Blackberry Classic Review & Specs

While new phones are coming out left and right, true fans of Blackberry and the classic model of the physical keyboard on the phone will remain true. You’ll never see a Blackberry lose in a typing race to android or iPhones. Furthermore, true fans just can’t do without that indicator light! I see people checking their phones constantly these days. With Blackberry’s, you don’t have to. There’s a light that comes on at the top of the phone that tells you when you have missed a call, received a text, or have received an email.

The Blackberry Classic specs are are a little better than its predecessors and it has a great price tag. It comes with a 3.5” square screen with 294 PPI, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, the BlackBerry 10 Operating System, 8 MP Camera, and a battery life of 22 hours. You can pick this up…unlocked…for $447.00.

Where to buy the BlackBerry Classic – Unlocked!


Hopefully you’ve learned something about the new phone and will make a great purchasing decision due to my Blackberry Classic Review.

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