Peachy Printer Review

December 24, 2014

One of the newest products in 3D printing is the Peachy Printer and this review will give you a summary of how it works and why it is so affordable. The product reached its funding goal on kickstarter in October of 2013 and has fulfilled several orders. There are some things you must be aware of before purchasing this product. I’ll get into my opinions on that later, but for now, let me explain how this particular 3D printer works.

Peachy Printer Review

3D PRINTER REVIEWSThe Peachy Printer is photolithographic, which means it uses lasers to liquid resin into objects. It does this through an interconnected series of mirrors. The resin floats on top of water. So creating the object from the ground up is done by drip feeding additional water to the container. This raises the water level, and hence the resin level. Software for the product is an add-on to the the Blender software suite. All data is compiled into a waveform and is ‘played’ to the 3d printer. It’s quite a novel concept and it has made this one of the most affordable 3d printers on the market.

Further down in this Peachy Printer review, you’ll find out why going with the cheapest version isn’t necessarily the best idea when it comes to 3D printing. Not that I don’t think that this product is awesome, but there might be better alternatives depending on your needs.

If you are one of those people that would rather buy something already assembled, you might want to look at something different. The Peachy Printer comes with instructions and several moving parts that you must review before you start trying to put the thing together yourself. This can be difficult for those of us who are not technically inclined. Once you have the 3d printer put together, you have to install the software and convert your desired shape into waveform. Then, you have to hook up the audio jacks in your computer to the printer and watch it work. It looks really cool as the object is taking form!

Peachy Printer Review: Quality is Only ‘Fair’

Peachy Printer ReviewI promised you that I’d give you my personal opinion in this Peachy Printer review so here it is. The quality of the 3d printing leaves something to be desired. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of entrepreneurs who are working out a solution to common problems and who are getting into an industry with the big dogs to mix it up a bit. However, you should look at some of the final products that this machine is putting out. You can see several juts and obvious layers to the products. Maybe these guys will work out some of those problems in the future, but you get what you pay for I suppose.

If you 3d printing applications don’t call for detailed work, then you might be making a great decision in buying this product. However, if you don’t like having the glaringly obvious layers in your final product, you should check out the XYZ printer line. For a couple hundred bucks more, you can get a superior end result without the water tanks.

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